[Review] the Joy Factory SmartSuit Mini


One of the first things I do whenever I buy a new gadget or device is to find a way to protect it.  Keeping a piece of tech in mint condition is always to the benefit of the owner, especially if you’d eventually like to sell it to upgrade to the next model.  When I purchased an iPad Mini last year, I had a few cases in mind. One was the iPad Smart Cover made by Apple.  I’ve always been a big fan of this cover, even though I’ve never actually owned it. The next case I considered was a case in the OtterBox series.  I’ve owned several OtterBox products in the past, and have been nothing but impressed with them.  OtterBox cases, however, have a give-and-take aspect to them. They offer premium protection, but they can add a bit of bulk (and may not be as attractive as other cases on the market).

Browsing the web, I came across the Joy Factory. They offer a great selection of iPad Mini products. I decided on the SmartSuit MiniIt may be a little pricey at $50, but overall, I felt that the protection it would offer would make it a smarter choice over Apple’s Smart Cover.

My First Impressions?

This case is very high quality. It adds a lot of protection to the iPad Mini without adding a lot of extra size or weight.


Thoughts upon using:

My absolute favorite part of this case is the sleep/wake functionality of the flip cover.  It allows you to only keep the screen on as long as you are using it, without having to press the power/wake buttons to check for notifications.

But if that was it, I would’ve just bought the Apple Smart Cover. What really makes this case stand out is the very protective hardshell back.  The inside of the case is lined with a very soft material that kept the back of my iPad Mini completely scratchless and looking brand new the entire time I owned it.

photo (1)

The SmartSuit Mini also works well as a stand to change the viewing angle.

The SmartSuit Mini also works well as a stand to change the viewing angle.

I recommend this case for:

Anybody that wants to give their iPad Mini complete protection in an everyday environment.  This case will protect better than the Smart Cover, but may not be as durable as products such as an OtterBox case. It is, however, priced in the middle of those two products, so I think the company’s pricing is fair.

I give the SmartSuit Mini 5 out of 5 stars.


(I’d buy it again!)



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