[Review] T-Level Infinity Rolltop Backpack


I’m a sucker for bags. In the past, I loved finding cool bags that each served their own unique function. There have been times that I’ve owned a couple backpacks, a couple messenger bags, backpacking bags, shoulder slings… and more, all at the same time. Then I started really getting into minimalism, and I wanted to replace all those bags with one do-it-all backpack.

The T-Level Infinity Rolltop is the closest thing I’ve found to the perfect everyday use and commuting backpack.

T-Level Infinity Rolltop

T-Level Infinity Rolltop

Not so well known in the US yet, T-Level is a South Korean company that makes high quality products aimed at bicycle commuters. I first saw a few people wearing this bag at airports in Korea. After I learned where they sold them, I had the pleasure of visiting their store in Seoul, Korea, where I bought my Infinity bag. And now I’m the one who gets complimented on my backpack at the airport!

Why I love the T-Level Infinity Rolltop backpack:

There are so many reasons. I was first drawn to it because of the expandability of it. I can toss my tablet and a couple books into it and go to a cafe with it, or I can load it up with clothes and toiletries and take it on a 3 week backpacking trip as my only bag (which I have done).

Check out how much it can expand!

Check out how much it can expand!

Water repellent! I can also throw electronics in this bag without too much worry, as the bag is waterproof. I’ve biked through some downpours that have left me soaked, but everything inside my bag bone-dry. The material is tough. If it gets dirty I just take a little hand brush and scrub it clean. I’m not actually sure if the bag can be machine-washed — If you happen to know, please comment!

Pockets. This backpack has lots of them. From a laptop compartment in the main area to side pockets and front pockets, you’ll find tons of different places to stash your stuff. The whole front flap lifts up to expose pockets that can be great for quick access to maps, guides, or passports while traveling.

This side opens directly into the main compartment of the backpack. Yes, that's an entire (very fluffu) pillow! (to give you an idea of the capacity of this bag)

This side opens directly into the main compartment of the backpack. Yes, that’s an entire (very fluffy) pillow! (to give you an idea of the capacity of this bag)


This side opens to an array of side pockets.

Biker-Friendly. There are loops on the bag to hold bike locks. The bottom has a reflective strip along it and there are strips on each side. I hop on my bike and load this thing up with groceries. It can hold so much – I don’t even have to worry about fitting it all in!

Less sweat. A great thing about this bag is how the frame keeps the backpack from resting on your back and getting you and the bag all sweaty and stinky.

Smart straps. The straps feel very durable. There’s a sternum strap and also a waist strap that is removable. (I like this in a backpack because I don’t like them swinging around if I’m not using them) The shoulder straps are nice and thick, making even extended wear really comfy.

All of these photos are taken after about a year of use. Still looks great!

All of these photos are taken after about a year of use. Still looks great!

Things that could be improved:

I’ve used this bag on some backpacking trips and would love to be able to use a combination zipper lock to feel more secure carrying all my stuff around. The zippers on this bag just wouldn’t work for that.

Although the frame is really great and helps to cut down on a lot of back sweat while riding or walking, the frame can squeak quite loudly sometimes.

And that’s it. I can only think of those two little
things to point out.  The PROS definitely outweigh the CONS in this review.

Like this backpack? Check out their backpacks for sale on their website – from now until February 28th, they are all on sale! (And the Infinity Rolltop is 25% off!) – Or better yet, visit their store in Apjujeong-Dong, Seoul! If you’re in the US, you can buy T-Level gear from Stryker in Los Angeles. Or you can even scour eBay – I’ve seen this bag on there from time to time. Considering how much use I’ve gotten out of this bag in the past year, the $200+ I paid for it weren’t really a big deal, especially since this bag can replace other bags!

Offered in plenty of different colors!

Offered in plenty of different colors!

I give the T-Level Infinity Rolltop backpack 5 out of 5 stars!


(I’d buy it again!)


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