[Review] GoToob Travel Bottles by humangear


When travelling, it can be nice to have some tough leakproof bottles for liquids so you can be confident that your clothes won’t be full of shampoo when you get to your destination. And it’s even nicer to know that they are FAA approved to be a carry-on item.

Why I like the GoToob Travel Bottles:

The wide-mouth opening is really great for filling them up with whatever liquid you might have. I bought a 3 pack of the 3 ounce ‘Toobs’ and I use mine for shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and sometimes sunscreen. And if you change your mind and want to fill it with something else, it’s easy enough to clean the inside with a little brush, an old toothbrush, or even your finger.  The grooves in the cap can be a bit tricky to clean, but I’ve found that using warm water and q-tips does the trick!

The super squeezable material they’re made out of feels really strong and I wouldn’t ever worry about it being punctured or worn-out. An added bonus is that the material is BPA free, PC free, and also FDA approved to be food safe (I know some people who use a GoToob filled with peanut butter as a bribe for dogs while being groomed or getting their nails cut!). They have never leaked for me, even when stuffed in my backpack during a week-long cycling trip.

They are also covered by a humangear lifetime warranty, for those of you who actually did happen to puncture your GoToob. (Although their website says “We guarantee that all goods of humangear, inc. will function as represented, and we will, if the facts are reported to us, repair or replace a naturally damaged product without charge and free of transportation to the purchaser.)

What could be improved?:

Well, they are a bit expensive. The 3 pack of 3 ounce bottles I bought was $25. Not exactly frugal, but it’s nice to know they are covered by the lifetime warranty. One of the caps cracked on mine (I’ve owned them for 2 years already), so I will be contacting humangear’s customer service and will update soon on the replacement procedure.

The bottles have an adjustable ring near the cap to specify the contents. The default labels are – soap, shamp., cond., lotion, and sun. There is also an empty spot to write your own label. I personally don’t even use them because they don’t really even stand out (they are white words on white plastic), so it’s usually just easier to identify the contents based on the consistency or the color of the liquid you have inside.

Awesome photo courtesy of The Awesomer (http://theawesomer.com/humangear-gotoob/200728/)

Awesome photo courtesy of The Awesomer (http://theawesomer.com/humangear-gotoob/200728/)

So, Overall…

They are well-designed and seem like they can really endure a lot. I might not actually be getting my money’s worth out of them because when I travel, I really travel light,  so that usually means even leaving these behind. They kind of just end up eliminating some of my bathroom and shower clutter (which isn’t a bad thing!).

I give the humangear GoToob travel bottles 4 out of 5 stars


If you like to travel with little containers of liquid, these are probably your best bet! I have also heard that their customer service is pretty good, so I will update after my experience with them. Maybe that could bump up the rating!

(I’m also interested in their other products – the GoTubb , the GoCupp,  and the CapCap. If I get my hands on any of them I will definitely review them!)



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