[Review] Leatherman Style CS

I’m always on the lookout for a nice little, affordable multitool. While the very high quality ones are great, they can also be a bit heavy, and I tend to worry that I’m going to end up losing them and being out the $50 or more of what these tiny little tools can cost.



Why I like the Leatherman Style CS:  

Super Light: You probably won’t even remember it’s in your pocket!

Easy Access: The knife can be accessed from the side (as opposed to the inside) without opening the tool.


Simple: If you are buying a multitool for a backpacking or camping trip, I would look for something that packs a bigger punch than this one. This tool doesn’t have a plethora of functions – but what it does have, it does well.


Scissors! Open up a majority of multitools and you’ll find a pliers. Open this one and you’ll find a scissors. While a pliers may actually be a better tool, I find a scissors to be more useful for an everyday multitool. Also included is a knife blade, a nail file (with a tiny flathead screwdriver at the end), a tweezers, and a caribeaner with a built-in bottle cap opener.   Keep it on your keys! The carabiner is a huge plus. I usually clip it on my keychain. Sometimes, however, I absent-mindedly clip it to something else and it takes me a while to remember where I’ve left it.

What could be improved?  

Well, as much as I like the integrated scissors, it doesn’t always spring back as well as you’d expect it to. Depending on what you’re cutting, you may need to manually open it to make your next cut.


The bottle cap opener is quite weak. It almost makes me think it just coincidentally works as a cap lifter and wasn’t actually made to be one.


So, overall….  

I think this is very well made for a little minimalist multitool. It’s too simple to actually compare it to other top-rated multitools on the market, but as a tiny little keychain pocket tool it really performs well, and may prove incredibly useful from time to time. And at $20 or less, it’s not really going to make a dent in your bank account.

I give the Leatherman Style CS 4 out of 5 stars.



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