[UPDATE] humangear customer service

I had mentioned in a previous posting, in which I reviewed the “GoToob Travel Bottles” by human gear, (click to read the review) that I needed to contact their customer service to see about replacing a broken cap on one of the bottles.

Well, I sent an email to humangear’s customer service [ service@humangear.com ]. Within one day, they replied, asking for my address to send out the replacement cap. They didn’t even ask to provide proof that the cap was broken — or ask me to send it back. I was very pleased with the prompt and professional nature in which it was handled.

And then I got the replacement in the mail. Wow! Just take a look at the photo.

With Love, from humangear.

With Love, from humangear.

Now THAT’S customer service! A handwritten note, a couple extra caps in case any more happen to break, and even another little freebie from humangear, the GoTubb (which I will review soon).

It’s nice to have a successful customer service experience with a company, and it’s even better to have one where you are treated like a real human being, instead of getting the feeling that you just had a conversation with a robot, whether it be on the other end of the phone line or through email.

Humangear, you have a customer for life! Never change!


I give humangear’s customer service 5 out of 5 stars!


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