[REVIEW] humangear “GoTubb”

Back when I contacted humangear’s customer service to have a broken cap replaced on one of my GoToobs, they sent me a little sample product of their GoTubb.

The GoTubb

The GoTubb

The main draw, and the coolest thing to note about the GoTubb, is that it can be opened with only one hand!

Simple One-Handed Operation.

Simple One-Handed Operation.

Just squeezing the sides of the cap will release the cap from the bottom portion of the container. It’s easy, and the plastic feels strong enough that doing this over and over and over won’t weaken it or cause it to crack.

Even if it does crack or break from normal usage, don’t forget about the lifetime warranty that humangear provides with their products — which should leave you with the confidence of knowing that when you buy one of their products, you shouldn’t ever have to buy another one to replace it! (Unless, of course, you realize how awesome it is and want to buy more to supplement it!)

Easy On/Off.

Easy On/Off.

I’ve been leaving my GoTubb in my room to act as a little change collector — but these are great because of the multitude of uses they can serve. They are food-safe, so you can keep snacks in them. It would be a great little container for trail mix to use while backpacking. They are also easy to clean, so you could keep creams, lotions, sunscreen, etc. in them. You could then give it a good wash, and then use it for something else!

Currently, humangear produces the GoTubb in two sizes – Small and Medium. The small seems to be a good little container to keep pills, vitamins, and medication in. The medium seems best served to carry snacks, lotions, or whatever excess stuff you seem to have around with no place to put it!

There is also a little spot on the white base of the GoTubb to pen in the contents of the container, if you’d like to be even more organized!


You can purchase the GoTubb from their website HERE, from Amazon, or Ebags. Or if you’d like to check them out in person, REI carries humangear products!

A set of 3 medium GoTubbs is $7.99, or you can get 3 small for $5.99.

So, what could be improved?

The only thing I can really think of that could be an issue with the GoTubb is having it be a little slick and hard to open if your hands are wet, or if you have gloves on, or if you are at the beach…

Maybe they could implement some little rubber grips on the side of the cap to provide for a surer grip in the next release of this product.

I give the GoTubb by humangear 5 out of 5 stars:


They are cheap, at only a couple bucks per container. They are very useful and, with the lifetime warranty, they should last you for YEEEEAAAARRRSS !!!

I like ’em, and I think you will, too!


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