[Review] Darn Tough Socks

If you had told me a year ago that I would be writing a review on socks for my website I would have laughed at you. But here it is.

And here is my first sock review: Darn Tough socks, made in Vermont.

Darn Tough!

Darn Tough!

It was originally my sister who told me about Darn Tough socks. She was raving about how comfortable they were, and how they have a lifetime guarantee. Darn Tough claims that their socks shouldn’t wear out, but if they do, they will send you another pair at no cost — FOR LIFE. It’s great to see a company so sure of the product they make. It seems so many other companies simply offer a one or two year warranty.

So I contacted Darn Tough, and the super kind PR Department over there agreed to send me a few pairs to try out.

I went for the “Hiker 1/4 sock cushion” and the “Light Hiker Micro Crew Light Cushion“. The majority of the physical activity I do is biking and hiking, so I figured these were both good choices for that.

This is the "Light Hiker Micro Crew Light Cushion" sock by Darn Tough

This is the “Light Hiker Micro Crew Light Cushion” sock by Darn Tough

My first impressions?

Well, before I received the socks, I had been thinking ‘I hope the wool isn’t too thick‘. My only experience with wool socks is a pair of SmartWool socks that is a big thicker than I’d like, so I never wear them. When I got the Darn Tough socks, though, they far exceeded my expectations. They are very light and well-made — and they are completely seamless, so it doesn’t seem like they’ll ever unravel from the ankle or toe areas.

This is the "Hiker 1/4 sock cushion" sock by Darn Tough

This is the “Hiker 1/4 sock cushion” sock by Darn Tough

Darn Tough also claims that the Merino Wool made to use these socks is antimicrobial, so they repel odor and bacteria. This is one of the major selling points for myself. Being a very light packer, I don’t like to have to throw 7 pairs of socks into my pack when taking a week-long trip somewhere. I recently took a 2 week road trip, and I got all the use I could out of my Darn Tough socks. I wore each pair for three days — and a couple of the days were filled with very touristy things and walking around cities, so I walked over 20 miles in these socks. And after three days of use… they were still comfortable! They didn’t have that gross feeling at the end of the day that most socks seem to have. And best of all, they didn’t smell! Don’t go too crazy, though — like any socks, they can still benefit from a good airing out every once in a while – and most certainly at night.

It can be hard for a frugal shopper to buy into these socks, because the initial investment can be quite high — but you need to think of it as a long term purchase. These socks will absolutely outlast any cheap athletic socks you currently own. So, yes, replacing your current sock collection with Darn Tough socks could be a bit pricey. But with their unconditional lifetime guarantee, you could potentially NEVER BUY SOCKS AGAIN!

What could be improved?

I used to think that these were hard to find — the closest store to my house that sells Darn Tough socks is about 40 minutes away. But if you check their store locator, you’ll probably be surprised at how many stores around you actually sell Darn Tough socks.

With that said, the only con to Darn Tough socks that I can really think of is the price. And I understand that they need to make money (as well as keep them proudly made in the US) – so I am not complaining about the price. It can just be a bit shocking, initially, for people like myself who have never really paid for good socks in their lifetime.

Read about all that gooooood stuff!

Read about all that gooooood stuff!

I’m sold on these. I’ll be buying more. And I think you should too! (They’d make a great gift, as well!)

I rate Darn Tough Socks (at least the two pairs I have been able to test) 5 out of 5 stars!


You can find Darn Tough Socks on their website, from REI,  or you can search for some deals on Amazon!



  1. If price is a factor, you can always come to their annual sock sale in November where they sell overstocks, seconds and irregulars at discounts.

  2. First of all, this is a great blog. I, too, would think it’s crazy to spend so much thinking about socks, let alone review them. Socks are just socks right? But as you say, Darn Tough socks are so special because they make us care about socks. amazing, I featured them in an article on products with Lifetime Warranties at : http://permabuy.com/products-with-lifetime-warranty/

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