[Review] Bose OE2 Headphones

Bose OE2 Headphones

Bose OE2 Headphones

Back in March, I posted a review of the Bose OE Headphones (See It HERE!). I loved those headphones, and I recommended them to a lot of different people. Then I sold them and ‘upgraded’ to the Bose OE2 Headphones which feature a “Lighter, Updated Design”.

And how are the Bose OE2 Headphones?


If I hadn’t ever owned the first generation of the BOSE On Ear Headphones, this review might be just as glowing as my last one was. But what I see when I look at these headphones side by side with the previous generation, I see a sharp contrast of quality and build. The new pair feels just seems like it has way too much plastic and not enough metal/aluminum. One of the things I like best about my last pair was how high quality they felt. That feeling is completely gone with the OE2. Now they feel cheap and light.

Another thing to point out is the way these collapse to fold flat into the case or onto a table. They swivel and click into and out of place. The functionality has proved to be fine, use after use, but the clicking just feels cheap and I wonder if BOSE had any designs that they scrapped before settling on this one.


As far as the fit goes, I don’t see too much of a difference to the old pair. These headphones have always been very comfortable to me, and I can wear them for hours. They don’t exert pressure on my ears like some headphones with inferior bands do. The cheaper materials used, however, do make a difference in the general fit. They feel a little bit lighter and don’t rest on top of the ears as solidly as the previous generation.

How about the sound quality? 


As I pointed out in my last review — I’m not an audiophile, by any means. But I could tell at once, upon wearing the OE2, that these headphones are a step down from the old version. The difference is very subtle, but to me, the sound doesn’t seem nearly as full and rich. They still sound good, but compared to the last generation of the OE, there doesn’t seem to be as much definition in the different ranges of bass and treble.

When comparing to their predecessor, the BOSE OE, I give the Bose OE2 2 out of 5 stars.


If this review hadn’t been a comparison to the old model, I may have given these a stronger rating. But if I were you, I’d stay away from this model and just buy the Bose OE. I mean, look how nice they were:


They even came with a hard storage case, as opposed to the newer, flimsy, soft case provided for the OE2!


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