[Review] Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses

Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses

Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses

Never heard of Tifosi? You may not have — they aren’t one of the top brands that you usually see and hear about. They can commonly be found at bike and golf stores. After trying a few pairs on and after researching them a bit, I felt they were a dependable, affordable brand to go with. Their mission states “ Our mission is to provide technically advanced eyewear to enthusiasts of all sports and outdoor activities. We design test and torture our product to enhance your sport whether you’re running a 5k, riding your first century or playing 18 holes on Sunday.”

They stand behind their products 100% and will warranty any sunglasses against manufacturer defects for the life of the product.

The sunglasses pictured, which I purchased, are the ‘Jet Wrap’ Sungasses in Matte Black with Green lenses. In normal light, however, the green lenses just look like smoke black, or dark lenses, which I am happy with.


Non-slip nose grips.

The more you pay for Tifosi sunglasses, the more features you’ll get. For example, this pair has shatterproof lenses, non slip grips on the nose area, and a non-slip plastic on the end of the arms that rest above your ears.

If you pay more, you can get polarized lenses, and even interchangeable lenses to switch out according to the place or time or day you’re planning to wear your sunglasses.


All Tifosi Sunglasses include a hard carrying case, as well as a cloth bag for the sunglasses (which doubles as a lens cleaner.)

I rate the Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses 5 out of 5 stars! I’ve been extremely happy with these as biking suglasses. I even replaced a nice pair of Smith polarized sunglasses with these because I liked the fit of the Tifosi frames much better!

5stars_1I’d buy them again!


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