[Follow-Up] thejoyfactory BubbleShield

thejoyfactory bubbleshield

thejoyfactory bubbleshield

Back in March, I received a sample pack of BubbleShields from ‘thejoyfactory’. (Click here for the review) I liked the company a lot — I’ve also reviewed a pretty cool iPad mini case made by thejoyfactory (Read that review here!) But I didn’t like the BubbleShield so much — it wrecked my Kindle Touch, after all!

If you haven’t read my first review on the BubbleShield — here is a long story short: I secured my Kindle in the shield, then put it under a light stream of tapwater to get a few pictures for my review to show that the case is truly waterproof. I did nothing differently than the woman in the photo below (which is a photo taken from thejoyfactory’s website!)

Trickery! Don't ever try this!

Trickery! Don’t ever try this!

….annnnnnd then the bottom of the shield broke open and ruined everything.

I emailed thejoyfactory’s customer service about it — they simply said something along the lines of  ‘yeah, sometimes our products have defects’. Unlucky me.

So thejoyfactory sent me another pack for my troubles. I’ve played with them a bit, trying to see the good in them. Here’s what I’ve come up with in the past couple months of having them:

Nice Handles!

Nice Handles!

They have some great features. The little loops on the sides, and the loop on the top is very handy. The package also claims these features:

  • Water and Splash Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Touch Sensitive
  • No Fingerprints
  • Special Holder Ring

So, it seems to me like this is a very well thought out little tablet/device protector that could still use some more work. Why? It just feels super cheap. It feels like a one-time use protective sleeve. The plastic is all crinkly and gets little kinks and bends in it that make you not really want to use it anymore.

Too Many Crinkles !

Too Many Crinkles !

It might be a bit hard to see, but the crinkles and bends in the photo above (near the top of the kindle) were formed within the first 2 minutes of using this case, just sliding the kindle inside and securing it.

In my opinion, if they improved the plastic material they are using for these cases and sold them individually instead of in 2 or 5 packs, people would be more likely to buy them and use them day in and day out.

These however, still haven’t really been used much by me. Honestly, I’d rather just throw a couple of ZipLoc freezer bags into my backpack in case of emergencies. I trust them more than these and they’re cheaper! I will keep an eye on this company to see if they happen to come out with any updates to this product, though, because I like the idea behind it.

I STILL give the BubbleShield by thejoyfactory 1 out of 5 stars. I wouldn’t bother with them, unless you can find them for really cheap and just want something in case of emergencies.



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