[REVIEW] Machine Era Co. Wallet

I used to like nice, leather wallets. Then I started liked to carry super basic wallets that performed the job of a money/card holder and nothing more. For a couple years I used an extremely lightweight, yet tough, wallet made of Tyvek like this one. And then it hit me. Why can’t I find a wallet that is both nice AND simple? And then I did!

Machine Era Co. Aluminum Wallet

Machine Era Co. Aluminum Wallet

I first heard about Machine Era Co. when they were raising money for this wallet on their Kickstarter Campaign. I was intrigued by an the all metal design with a simple elastic band to hold everything together.

How is the Machine Era Co. wallet?

I’ve had the wallet for about 6 month now, and I really, really love it. It’s brillant, yet still very basic. The wallet is the same size as a basic credit card, and the elastic band stretches quite a bit yet it doesn’t lose it’s elasticity. In the photo above, I have 8 cards in the bottom of the wallet, and some cash on top of it. I prefer to have less cards in my wallet (and usually do), but it’s nice to know that it can easily accommodate this many, in addition to cash on top.

photo 2

Another great thing about this wallet is the fact that it makes you more conscious about what you are putting in your wallet. Often times, after leaving a store or register, I would toss receipts and business cards into my wallet that actually could have just gone into the trash instead. But with this wallet, there’s room for cash and cards. That’s it. And that’s all you really need.

What could be improved on this wallet?

I like it just the way it is. But if you prefer different colors or materials, check out their website . The wallet comes in your choice of aluminum ($28), solid brass ($48), and gunmetal ($32).

photo 3

The only inconvenience this wallet really comes with is that it can take a little bit longer to either find your card or the correct amount of cash when you are trying to pay for something.  The longer you have the wallet, though, the easier it is to access your cash. (I don’t ever take the elastic band off, by the way).

I rate the Machine Era Co. wallet 5 out of 5 stars! 


Check out their website at http://www.machine-era.com — they make some cool stuff! I’ve got my eyes on that “Keysquare“!


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