I have used a variety of different yoga mats for my practice, but haven’t owned a really nice one yet. This is because I’ve spent most of the five years traveling abroad and have just bought cheap yoga mats when I arrive in a new country. Well, now I’m back in the US, and decided it was time to pick out a nice one that I will be happy using for years and years. Browsing Amazon, I came across YogiMall and their Twisted Jute yoga mat. I was very intrigued!

After using it for a few yoga sessions, I’m extremely happy with my purchase. I like my yoga mats to be nice and grippy, with a minimal (and firm) amount of cushioning. And that’s exactly what I got.

This yoga mat is 5mm thick, so it’s not just a spongy cushion that some cheap yoga mats end up seeming like. It’s also 3.5 lbs, so you know that it’s nicely padded if it’s that heavy and still that thin.

It’s a double layer mat, with natural jute fibers woven into it. They are woven in completely seamlessly, so you don’t even feel them or notice them while you are doing yoga (unless you look at the mat, of course).

The mat is beautiful. It’s has a pleasant, natural-looking pattern given to it by the woven jute. It’s a purple mat, but doesn’t appear super feminine or girly because of the brown jute in it.

The mat also includes a carrying strap that attaches with Velcro. It’s so well made and the stitching is high quality. In my opinion, this mat is better than some others from some of the popular yoga brands.

This mat is said to work well with bikram and hot yoga, since the surface of the mat will not become slippery with sweat dripping on it. I am currently using this in my apartment during the winter, so it’s cooler, and it still functions as I would hope it to – super grippy and supportive for my knees, feet, palms, etc!

Also, the underside of the mat has a different feeling grippy texture that some people may prefer to switch between. I just wanted to point out that this mat could easily be a reversible two sided mat.


Note: I received this at a discount in exchange for my honest review. This is my unbiased opinion and it would remain the same had I paid full price for this yoga mat.

I can absolutely give this yoga mat 5 stars out of 5. It’s an extremely high quality yoga mat for all types of yoga.


You may purchase this mat on Amazon HERE.


From their website HERE.

Expect to pay around $35.


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