[Review] KeySmart Compact Key Organizer

Here’s what I really like about the KeySmart key organizer:

IMG_5972It’s fantastically minimalist. It cleans up your keys so well, and prevents you from needing to carry around dangling keys and excessive keyrings. It also includes plenty of spacers and it makes for easy assembly.

Here’s what I don’t like as much about the KeySmart organizer:

I think it looks best with 3 or 4 keys, especially if you are also going to hang a car fob off of it. Once you have more keys than this, it can get a bit bulky.

I DO think it would be very nice if the packaging included a small card with assembly instructions. The website has a nice video and graphics to help, but it would make this product more complete if these were all in one place, upon purchasing.


All in all, this is a really cool little unit that I plan on using indefinitely. It’s clean and sleek and silent.

Note: I was provided a sample of this item in exchange for providing my honest review. I have not been compensated for this review in any way.

I give the KeySmart Compact Key Organizer 5 out of 5 stars.


You may purchase HERE. Expect to pay between $20-$40.



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