[Review] Urban Armor Gear Folio case for iPad Mini 4

IMG_5994Over a year ago, I was the proud owner of an iPad Mini 2 and treated myself to the Folio case by Urban Armor Gear. Read that review HERE. I almost loved it. It was incredibly protective, had an awesome grippy material, and a soft and flexible TPU that protects the back and the sides of the iPad. The thing I didn’t love, however, was that the front part of the case kind of just flipped around and if I ever dropped the iPad, it could easily flip open and expose the screen.

It seems that Urban Armor Gear realized this little flaw and fixed it for the iPad Mini 4 series. And the result? A Perfect Case! (In my opinion). The stitching on this case is well done and strong. The front cover of the case doubles as a stand. The front cover has a STRONG magnet clasp that keeps it from flipping open and closed.


If you are an Apple Smart Cover fanatic, it may be hard for you to adjust to having to use a clasp, but I personally think the added security is nice – especially since the front cover is made from a nicer, slightly more protective material than the Apple Smart Cover.

I can recommend this case to anybody who wants full protection for their iPad Mini. Of course, it isn’t waterproof or dustproof, but it will be more than protective enough for the average conditions you will likely be using or taking your iPad Mini, whether it be to school, work, a hotel, or to the park.


I give Urban Armor Gear’s updated version of their folio case 5 out of 5 stars. I normally like to try out a bunch of different cases when I first get a new device to make sure I have exactly what I want – but I won’t be looking any further!


You can purchase this from their website HERE. It’s available in blue, red, or black. Expect to pay about $50.


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