[Review] YogiMall Two Layers Premium Travel Yoga Mat

When you open this, the first thing you notice is that it has no unpleasant smell that most cheap yoga mats have. It’s 100% PVC free and contains no rubber or toxins. This is a huge thing for me, because I want to know that I am exercising on something safe, especially if it’s something I use everyday.


The mat itself has a nice wide base and is more than long enough for what I need. It’s soft and supportive – it has just the right amount of give to it and is not too squishy.


It only weighs 2.4 pounds, so it’s light enough that I can throw it in my carry on luggage to bring along on vacations or getaways. It also includes a nice carry strap to make transporting it even more convenient.

Last but not least, I really like the color combination they chose. It’s calming, yet isn’t too bright or vivid to be faced with when I do early morning yoga.


I like this mat better than the previous mat I reviewed from YogiMall. This mat has a better, more cushioned feel to it. To be honest, the other mat does have a more unique look and feels a bit more boutique. The jute woven into the mat really stands out and makes it look nice. If you’re just looking for a comfortable yoga experience with no chemicals and a high quality mat, this Two Layer Premium Mat is the one for you!

You can purchase it from their website HERE. Expect to spend about $35. You can also purchase it on Amazon, if you prefer, for about the same price.


Note: I was provided this mat from YogiMall at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I have not been compensated in any way for sharing my opinion using this yoga mat!


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