[REVIEW] Bomber & Company

I recently stumbled upon a cool little company called Bomber & Company. A Kickstarter funded company, they gained popularity for their “Bomber Barrel”, which has been called the Best Duffel Bag made for modern, everyday use. They make their products with a clean, refreshing, minimalist design that really appeals to me. I was lucky enough to be able to try out a few of their products to share my experience with you! Read on to see what I thought.


I haven’t gotten my hands on the duffel bag yet, but I have been able to try out the dopp kit they make, which resembles the duffel in style and form.


This dopp bag is extremely lightweight. It’s listed as 78 grams. I am replacing a heavy duty Calvin Klein dopp bag, which weighs about 3x the Bomber and Company, with this one. This dopp bag by Bomber & Company fits well with my active lifestyle. The construction is high quality, yet it’s so light you’ll forget it’s in your bag! My only complaint is there are only two pockets – the side pocket on the outside and the main inner pocket. It would be nice if the large compartment had one or two small zipper pockets on the sides. It’s not a deal breaker, though. There’s a certain charm in having a very simple, yet functional, little bag. The paracord zipper pulls are a great touch, and the carry handle on the outside is functional and strong. Also, because of how lightweight it is, it does not maintain its shape. It might not look perfect when it sits next to your bathroom sink because of this, but it does mean that it will pack easier.


I have been using this while traveling for my toiletries, but I also plan to use it for other uses as they come up – carrying cameras, Bluetooth speakers, camping equipment, etc.


I was also able to check out a few of their paracord items – both the bracelet and the keychain.

I have purchased paracord bracelets from other brands because I like the look of them, but I didn’t find any of them to have a comfortable fit and have never worn them. When I first put the Bomber and Company bracelet on, it was far too big (I have rather small wrists for a guy), but then I figured out how to loop a small piece of the end over one more time to create a more snug fit. Ever since I figured this out, I have been wearing it happily and comfortably.

For the amount of paracord in here, it still maintains a sleek profile and looks a bit more classy than other paracord bracelets. The nice “Bomber & Company” logo is a nice addition to it.


As far as the keychain goes, it boasts 60 inches of 550lb paracord on it that would be very easy to remove and use in an emergency. This keychain also gives you the resources to start a fire. While this keychain is larger than I usually use, I have attached all my camper keys to it so that I always have it with me when I am most likely to need it – in the woods. The clip is very strong and I don’t worry that it will ever come undone from something.

All in all, I am extremely impressed by the products I’ve been able to test out from Bomber & Company. These three products are all found on amazon – find them HERE. The dopp kit, especially, is a great deal for such a durable and tough little bag. I expect to be using it for years and years to come!

I give all three of these items a solid 5/5 stars. Please check back here, as I hope to purchase their Bomber Duffel  and make it my go-to travel bag for the summer!



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