[Review] Ausdom MO5 Bluethooth 4.0 Headphones

This is my first experience with Bluetooth headphones, so I am made sure to use these for quite a while before posting my review so that the novelty of wireless headphones didn’t skew my review.

These headphones came packaged very nicely. A small instruction book is included, which I read over quickly. Using these instructions, I was able to pair the headphones with my phone in about 20 seconds. They did not require a passcode to pair, although it said they may.


So I put them on and cranked up my music. The sound quality is very impressive. I can see these being great for gaming, music, and for watching videos. If anything, I would say that they lack a certain ‘crispness’ to the sound clarity that very high end headphones will be able to provide. But all in all, I feel that the cost of these is fair for what you are getting. They have three buttons by the left earpiece – a power button, and volume up and down buttons.

The headphones are listed as “Over Ear” headphones, yet I would say they are actually AROUND EAR. The ear cushions have cutouts in them, so they wrap around your ears and sit over them. My criticism of this is that if your ears are too large, they won’t fit inside these cutouts. I am lucky that my ears are juuuuuust right and I’m able to slip these over my ear lobes entirely.


While wearing, these feel very comfortable. They don’t move around, even if I am walking around or doing tasks that require moving my head and body a lot. They have a snug fit. However, when I remove them after wearing them for a while, my left ear feels irritated, as if there has been too much pressure on it.


The build quality is high quality and seems very durable. If anything, I’d like the ear cushions to have a softer cushion and make for a more comfortable wear for longer durations.

One of my favorite things about these headphones are the gentle little beeps it gives for notifications. If you are connected to a device, you’ll hear little beeps when you have an alert, email, text message, or call. Of course, you can also use the included headphone cord to use these as non-bluetooth headphones.

Something I noticed is that the earpieces do have a hinge above them so they can collapse and fold in, yet they are both too large to fold in together. Even so, it’s nice that they can fold in to make for easier packing.


I am giving these 4.5 stars since I really am torn between 4 and 5 stars. However, I think the ear cushions could use a material upgrade to make them more comfortable and a little less bulky. I wear these while working around the house, while commuting, and while relaxing and watching movies. All in all, these are an absolute bargain considering the price and value!

You can find these on Amazon. They are currently $55.99.



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