[REVIEW] Hexomat All Weather Floor Mats

While a review of car floor mats may not exactly scream “bare minimum”, I think it will be something that most people can relate to. Recently, I have noticed that some of my friends and relatives have REALLY nice floor mats in their cars. Being in the market for some decent floor mats, I asked them about them. I found out they have WeatherTech floor mats and cargo mats and they absolutely rave about them. They are custom fit mats, meaning that they are made specifically for the make, model, and year of vehicle you have. They are made of very tough and rigid plastic that completely lines the carpet, and even goes up the sides of the vehicle’s footwell to keep all dirt, spills, water, etc on the floor mat no matter what! Being the owner of a dog who suffers from motion sickness on occasion, I decided it would be a smart decision to have some good floor protection for those times when my pup ‘brings it all back up’.

Sadly, the WeatherTech DigitalFit line isn’t produced for the lowly 97 Civic Coupe. And the WeatherTech All-Weather floor mats just didn’t seem as protective as I wanted for $75. So I went in search of other top rated floor mats. I was most intrigued by the ‘Hexomat All Weather Mats’ made by Intro-Tech Automotive. They seemed like a similar build and design of the WeatherTech All-Weather mats for nearly half the price. And while they don’t extend up the sides of the footwell to completely hold liquid on the mat, they seemed like the best bang for my buck in terms of a custom fit, very protective floor mat.


I purchased them from AutoAnything, and was even able to take advantage of a 20% flash sale they were having, dropping the price of these to just over $40. They took a surprisingly long time to ship to my house, but they arrived in perfect condition – about two weeks after ordering. Right out of the box, the high quality is immediately noticeable. They ‘re heavy, durable, and have nubs on the bottom of them to prevent them from sliding around after being placed in your car.


They are cutout to fit my car perfectly. While I would really prefer them to have some sort of a lip around the edge to catch any spills, I am pretty confident that the hexagon pattern will be able to catch most anything that spills or drops on the mats.


The only thing I’ve noticed that I don’t like about these mats is that your shoe will likely slide on it a bit when you’re getting in and out if the soles of your shoes are wet at all – but this is likely to happen with any type of rubberized floor mat. I’d rather have this problem from time to time than have a carpet mat that is harder to clean and will stain easily. The hexomat will be easy to take out of the car and hose down every time I wash my car or clean out the interior.


If you are in the market for floor mats, I can fully recommend these. Definitely stay away from the $15 floor mats at the big box stores and spend a little more for something like this – once you experience the luxury of a custom fit, highly protective floor mat, you’ll never want to go back!


I give these 4.5 stars. The missing half star is because I’d love to have a lip that goes around the whole mat to really catch anything – but I love everything else about these mats!

Note – I don’t have any association with AutoAnything or Intro-Tech Automotive. I just thought this was an awesome product worthy of recommendation!


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