[REVIEW] Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag 

The Bomber Barrel Duffel by Bomber & Company is a great example of a minimalist’s bag. Although it is called a duffel bag, it is a very versatile, functional bag that has far more uses than I originally thought it would. When I first purchased it, I thought I would just be using it for short weekend trips away from home occasionally bringing it with me to workout. To my surprise, though, I have found myself using this just about every day since I’ve gotten it. I had a general idea of the size of it (16” L x 10” W x 10” H) before I received it because I had done a little research. A lot of people who have bought this duffel seem to take points off immediately because it was smaller than they expected. Sure, it is smaller than a big gym duffel, but it ended up being a size that I really like. My normal everyday bag has been a “small” size Timbuk2 messenger bag. It’s just large enough to fit a couple water bottles, my lunch, some headphones, and an extra sweatshirt or light jacket. The things I’ve found that I miss out on by transferring everything to the Bomber Barrel is the rigid structure, the laptop divider, and the many pockets that the Timbuk2 bags offer. Other than that, the Bomber Barrel has been a very comfortable bag to bring back and forth to work and on some of my errands. It carries everything I need for little trips, without the extra bulk.


There’s a lot that I really like about the construction of the Bomber Barrel. It’s made from ripstop nylon, which makes it tough, lightweight (0.85 lbs), and weather resistant. (I have also noticed this same ripstop nylon makes the bag crinkle and crunch when being worn or moved around). It has waterproof zippers, and the main compartment actually has two zippers that run across the top so you can meet the zippers in the middle when you zip it. The clips are heavy-duty metal, a nice step up from so many companies that issue the generic and easy-to-break plastic clips with their bags.

Here’s what I’d like to see in the construction of this bag that I don’t:
The straps are fairly thin and (seemingly) of lesser quality than the rest of the bag. I’d really like to see the strap made of nylon seat belt webbing – something really tough and heavy. I would rather have this than have a thin strap that makes the bag a bit lighter. The shoulder strap and padded grip around the handles also feel quite thin – almost like they were just put there put there out of necessity instead of for comfort.
The outside of the bag also has a side pocket (with another waterproof zipper on it). And the inside of the bag has a small zipper pouch, as well. When you receive this bag, it arrives packed INSIDE of the ‘Mini Bomber’, which is the small, travel bag that Bomber & Company makes for toiletries or other organization. I reviewed and talked about the Mini Bomber in one of my last posts. Read it HERE.

I rate this bag 4/5 stars


Is it a great bag? Absolutely! Is it a perfect bag? Not in my opinion, but I still find an excuse to use it just about everyday.
I am a huge fan of the simple design and small, yet practical, size.

I purchased this bag directly from Bomber & Company.

You may also be able to find it on Amazon.

Expect to pay between $99-&128.

Note: I was able to buy this bag at a discounted price. This hasn’t influenced my review at all, and I haven’t been compensation for my ratings.


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