[REVIEW] humangear GoBites & GoTote

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing some new products from one of my favorite travel/lifestyle brands. Humangear not only makes fantastic products, but also has awesome customer service. You can check out my past humangear reviews and posts HERE.

This time, I was able to check out their new line of “GoBites” and also their “GoTote.” Keep reading to see what I thought!


Their GoBites are their line of tough and lightweight travel utensils. I was sent the Uno, Duo, and the Trio. The Uno is a double ended utensil that looks like this:


The Duo is a set that includes a spoon and fork – the same utensils inluded in the Uno, except they are individual utensils instead of being conjoined. Oh, and they click together for convenient travel and storage!

And lastly, the Trio is a set that includes a fork, spoon, and knife (and a plastic toothpick!) in a nice travel case. The knife also has a bottle opener built into it!

So how do you choose between these three sets? Well, the quality and convenience in all of these is top notch. I’d recommend the Uno for an extreme traveller (weight weenie) or someone who just needs to keep a utensil in their desk for occasional use.

The duo would be great for putting in a kid’s lunchbox, or even throwing a couple in a picnic basket.

Out of the three, I would choose the Trio. It’s a quality set of all three utensils, and if you aren’t able to wash them off after you eat – just toss them back in the container and wash them when you are able to.

I was also sent the small version of their new GoTote – a very clever zipper tote that has a piece of sold metal sewn into the top so it can ‘pop’ open and closed. I have loved using this so much that I take it to work with me everyday and keep a light lunch or a couple snacks in it. I am considering buying the large version and using it as a dog food container for my dog while we are traveling and taking road trips. It’s a really high quality bag made with a strong zipper and tough fabric, and will hold up very well to everyday use. I can’t recommend this bag enough!


I give ALL these products five stars. I’ve been using the GoTote and at least one of the GoBites every day. You can purchase their products on their WEBSITE or on Amazon, of course.




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