[REVIEW] True Utility Key Accessories

I was recently sent a selection of five different products to review from a cool little company based in the UK called True Utility. They make innovative and creative keychain accessories that are meant to make your life easier and come in handy on a daily basis.

I was able to try out the BulletStash, the Locklite, the KeyTool, the FireStash, and the Twistick.

I can tell you right now that my favorite out of all of these is the KeyTool.


The KeyTool is a low profile multi tool that wraps around one of your keys. It has eight different tools on it, and they are labeled so you can find them easily. If I only end up using this as a bottle opener 90% of the time, I will be happy to have it on my keyring. It’s lightweight and incredibly useful.

My least favorite? The Locklite.


The pieces of metal are very cheap and flimsy, and didn’t click together well. Also, it only works with a round key! (Maybe round keys are the norm in the UK?) Anyways, it is a neat idea, but it just isn’t executed well.

As for the other items – I love the idea of the BulletStash. It allows you to carry some extra cash with you in case you forget your wallet or purse. I don’t, however, like that it’s shaped like a bullet and says “One Last Shot” on it.

The Twistick is incredibly well-designed, in my opinion. I think it would make a great gift for any wine lover or picnic enthusiasts. It’s quite a novel idea to be able to carry around a wine bottle opener in such a small package.

And lastly, the Firestash.


Yes, this is most likely the tiniest and cutest lighter you’ll ever see. I’ve only been able to use it briefly on a camping trip this spring – enough to confirm that it works and it is easy to operate. I’ve read some reviews that seem to suggest it leaks and doesn’t seal tightly after extended usage (which I can’t comment on yet), so only time will tell.

I won’t be leaving a star rating on True Utility’s products since this post is for 5 different items – but I HIGHLY recommend the KeyTool. I will personally be purchasing more of these as gifts for some of my family and friends!

Also – each of their products comes packaged in a handy little waterproof case that can be repurposed. I use mine to carry matches while I’m camping and hiking!


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