[REVIEW] Blokpod Lego Sorter

With two young boys in the house, we spend a lot of hours playing Legos – and this also means a lot of hours digging through them to find pieces to go along with old manuals, cleaning up, and trying to find the elusive “specialty pieces” that have been lost for months or even years. I have looked into the Lego branded sorters, but have never been too impressed by the design or useability of them. When Blokpod offered to provide me one of their sorters/organizers for review, I was thrilled to give it a try.


Blokpod claims that this sorter can handle up to 2400 pieces, which is a pretty large collection. Although some people use this as a container for the Legos, as well, I have found it is easier to pour them in different “sorted” containers, since it’s not so easy to dig around in these bins to look for certain pieces.

So, after a week or so of use, here are my pros and cons of the Blokpod sorter:


The plastic is very strong and durable. I don’t foresee it cracking under normal everyday use. Oh, and Blokpod backs this up with a 15 year warranty!

The sorting is amazingly consistent. Of course, you’ll get some larger pieces that fall through the filters the ‘long way’ and make their way down, but for the most part, this sorter does exactly what you’d expect.

It’s really nice that Blokpod also includes clear pieces that can be used instead of the filters in case you’d like to use this purely as a container and not as a sorter.


Since each level twists to lock into the other pieces, they move around a lot and unlock quite easily as you shake the Blockpod back and forth to sort. The locking mechanisms are basic, but still tough for kids to manage on their own every time without needing help.

The clear plastic bottoms are tough to remove since there is nothing to hold onto – you’ll need two sets of hands to get them off to put the filter back on.

So, at Blokpod’s selling price of $45, I’d absolutely recommend this for families with large Lego collections. If you can relate with digging through immense amounts of Legos to find that certain piece with your child, you will be absolutely amazed at how easy finding pieces and building creations becomes with the aid of the Blokpod sorter. And when you consider that many Lego sets are more expensive than two Blokpod, the $45 doesn’t seem like too much to ask for how much organization it will bring to your creativity time!

Check it out at http://www.Blokpod.com and follow their links to purchase it from Amazon.

Expect to pay around $45 – and keep an eye out for new parts and extensions for the Blokpod this year!

I give the Blokpod 5 out of 5 stars and wholeheartedly recommend it!



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