[Review] Dalstrong Gladiator Series Knives

You don’t realize how crappy your $15 bread knife from Wal-Mart is until you are able to wield a proper bread knife! Dalstrong’s recent releases in their gladiator series remain the same incredible quality as their other knives and will be in my collection for years and years.

I recently tested out their Gladiator series bread knife and their Gladiator series Boning knife. They both seem limited at first – the bread knife strictly to slicing bread, and the boning knife to cutting steaks and fish fillets, but I was surprised at the versatility of both knives.

The bread knife has a nicely weighted, beautiful Pakkawood handle and a 10″ serrated blade that is great for slicing melons, bread, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, and more. Keep this blade sharp and clean and it’ll never let you down!

The boning knife has surprised me the most. I don’t eat much meat, but I still find plenty of uses for it. It makes eating, coring, and skinning mangoes, apples, and pears simple. The blade is just flexible enough to bend with the curves of the fruit and is sharp yet delicate. It’ll effortlessly cut your fillets and is still versatile enough to grab while slicing fruits and veggies.

I give both of these knives (as usual, with the amazing quality that Dalstrong consistently puts forth) five stars.



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