[REVIEW] Dalstrong Shogun Series Knives 

The shogun series that Dalstrong makes are one of the finest crafted knives I have ever seen or used. They have an amazing balance and weight to them. This boning knife feels far heavier than you’d expect a 6″ knife to feel, yet it just feels “right”. The handle is slightly rectangular, yet feels ergonomically comfortable to hold.

Of course, the knife is also beautiful – with the “Tsunami Rose” pattern polished into the blade. And the included sheath is a nice addition in case you’d like to take it on a hunting, camping, or fishing trip.

I am fortunate enough to own the Gladiator series and also the Shogun series of the Dalstrong bread knife. While they are both amazingly crafted knives, the shogun series knife is a large step up in quality – you can feel it immediately in the weight of the knife. It is a touch longer than the Gladiator series knife, but it doesn’t feel longer than it needs to be.

My favorite part of the knife is the rectangular handle – it’s sleek, yet still comfortable to hold.
Clearly, this is a pricey knife, so you should either have a pressing need for a beautiful and well made bread knife or also use a bread knife for other things, such as cutting fruit and shredding veggies.

(Note: I was able to purchase this at a discount in exchange for my honest review.)


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