[Review] Urban Amor Gear Metropolis Case for iPhone 7

I have been using Urban Armor Gear cases for years, so I didn’t hesitate to order this folio case to protect my new iPhone. Actually, I had a folio case for my iPad Mini 4 that I absolutely loved, and this case seemed like a mini version of it. 

I have been using it a while now and wouldn’t want any other case. It is surprisingly lightweight, yet gives it full protection, with bumpers that stick out from the four corners. 

The buttons press easily and firmly. The flip cover has a nice magnetic latch, so it doesn’t ever flip open on accident. It doesn’t have the “Wake/Sleep” feature that smart covers do on iPads, so opening the folio doesn’t turn your screen on. It’s great to know that the closed folio cover keeps my phone that much more protected when it’s in my pocket, a backpack, on the counter, etc. It also provides the added benefit of breaking my addiction of checking my phone for notifications so often (if you can’t see them, they don’t feel as important).

As with some of the other cases I have used by Urban Armor Gear, one of my only complaints is the large and shiny logo they put on the front and back of the phone case. I’d prefer it to blend in with the rest of the case (or be smaller, or not there at all). I would hope, with UAG becoming more popular, that they will allow their recognizable product designs speak for themselves rather than making their logo so large. 

I give this case 5 out of 5 stars.

Like it? Buy it HERE. Expect to pay about $40. This case is also compatible with the iPhone 6 and 6s.


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