[Review] Urban Amor Gear Metropolis Case for iPhone 7

I have been using Urban Armor Gear cases for years, so I didn’t hesitate to order this folio case to protect my new iPhone. Actually, I had a folio case for my iPad Mini 4 that I absolutely loved, and this case seemed like a mini version of it. 

I have been using it a while now and wouldn’t want any other case. It is surprisingly lightweight, yet gives it full protection, with bumpers that stick out from the four corners. 

The buttons press easily and firmly. The flip cover has a nice magnetic latch, so it doesn’t ever flip open on accident. It doesn’t have the “Wake/Sleep” feature that smart covers do on iPads, so opening the folio doesn’t turn your screen on. It’s great to know that the closed folio cover keeps my phone that much more protected when it’s in my pocket, a backpack, on the counter, etc. It also provides the added benefit of breaking my addiction of checking my phone for notifications so often (if you can’t see them, they don’t feel as important).

As with some of the other cases I have used by Urban Armor Gear, one of my only complaints is the large and shiny logo they put on the front and back of the phone case. I’d prefer it to blend in with the rest of the case (or be smaller, or not there at all). I would hope, with UAG becoming more popular, that they will allow their recognizable product designs speak for themselves rather than making their logo so large. 

I give this case 5 out of 5 stars.

Like it? Buy it HERE. Expect to pay about $40. This case is also compatible with the iPhone 6 and 6s.

[REVIEW] Dalstrong Shogun Series Knives 

The shogun series that Dalstrong makes are one of the finest crafted knives I have ever seen or used. They have an amazing balance and weight to them. This boning knife feels far heavier than you’d expect a 6″ knife to feel, yet it just feels “right”. The handle is slightly rectangular, yet feels ergonomically comfortable to hold.

Of course, the knife is also beautiful – with the “Tsunami Rose” pattern polished into the blade. And the included sheath is a nice addition in case you’d like to take it on a hunting, camping, or fishing trip.

I am fortunate enough to own the Gladiator series and also the Shogun series of the Dalstrong bread knife. While they are both amazingly crafted knives, the shogun series knife is a large step up in quality – you can feel it immediately in the weight of the knife. It is a touch longer than the Gladiator series knife, but it doesn’t feel longer than it needs to be.

My favorite part of the knife is the rectangular handle – it’s sleek, yet still comfortable to hold.
Clearly, this is a pricey knife, so you should either have a pressing need for a beautiful and well made bread knife or also use a bread knife for other things, such as cutting fruit and shredding veggies.

(Note: I was able to purchase this at a discount in exchange for my honest review.)

[REVIEW] True Utility Key Accessories

I was recently sent a selection of five different products to review from a cool little company based in the UK called True Utility. They make innovative and creative keychain accessories that are meant to make your life easier and come in handy on a daily basis.

I was able to try out the BulletStash, the Locklite, the KeyTool, the FireStash, and the Twistick.

I can tell you right now that my favorite out of all of these is the KeyTool.


The KeyTool is a low profile multi tool that wraps around one of your keys. It has eight different tools on it, and they are labeled so you can find them easily. If I only end up using this as a bottle opener 90% of the time, I will be happy to have it on my keyring. It’s lightweight and incredibly useful.

My least favorite? The Locklite.


The pieces of metal are very cheap and flimsy, and didn’t click together well. Also, it only works with a round key! (Maybe round keys are the norm in the UK?) Anyways, it is a neat idea, but it just isn’t executed well.

As for the other items – I love the idea of the BulletStash. It allows you to carry some extra cash with you in case you forget your wallet or purse. I don’t, however, like that it’s shaped like a bullet and says “One Last Shot” on it.

The Twistick is incredibly well-designed, in my opinion. I think it would make a great gift for any wine lover or picnic enthusiasts. It’s quite a novel idea to be able to carry around a wine bottle opener in such a small package.

And lastly, the Firestash.


Yes, this is most likely the tiniest and cutest lighter you’ll ever see. I’ve only been able to use it briefly on a camping trip this spring – enough to confirm that it works and it is easy to operate. I’ve read some reviews that seem to suggest it leaks and doesn’t seal tightly after extended usage (which I can’t comment on yet), so only time will tell.

I won’t be leaving a star rating on True Utility’s products since this post is for 5 different items – but I HIGHLY recommend the KeyTool. I will personally be purchasing more of these as gifts for some of my family and friends!

Also – each of their products comes packaged in a handy little waterproof case that can be repurposed. I use mine to carry matches while I’m camping and hiking!

[REVIEW] Bomber & Company

I recently stumbled upon a cool little company called Bomber & Company. A Kickstarter funded company, they gained popularity for their “Bomber Barrel”, which has been called the Best Duffel Bag made for modern, everyday use. They make their products with a clean, refreshing, minimalist design that really appeals to me. I was lucky enough to be able to try out a few of their products to share my experience with you! Read on to see what I thought.


I haven’t gotten my hands on the duffel bag yet, but I have been able to try out the dopp kit they make, which resembles the duffel in style and form.


This dopp bag is extremely lightweight. It’s listed as 78 grams. I am replacing a heavy duty Calvin Klein dopp bag, which weighs about 3x the Bomber and Company, with this one. This dopp bag by Bomber & Company fits well with my active lifestyle. The construction is high quality, yet it’s so light you’ll forget it’s in your bag! My only complaint is there are only two pockets – the side pocket on the outside and the main inner pocket. It would be nice if the large compartment had one or two small zipper pockets on the sides. It’s not a deal breaker, though. There’s a certain charm in having a very simple, yet functional, little bag. The paracord zipper pulls are a great touch, and the carry handle on the outside is functional and strong. Also, because of how lightweight it is, it does not maintain its shape. It might not look perfect when it sits next to your bathroom sink because of this, but it does mean that it will pack easier.


I have been using this while traveling for my toiletries, but I also plan to use it for other uses as they come up – carrying cameras, Bluetooth speakers, camping equipment, etc.


I was also able to check out a few of their paracord items – both the bracelet and the keychain.

I have purchased paracord bracelets from other brands because I like the look of them, but I didn’t find any of them to have a comfortable fit and have never worn them. When I first put the Bomber and Company bracelet on, it was far too big (I have rather small wrists for a guy), but then I figured out how to loop a small piece of the end over one more time to create a more snug fit. Ever since I figured this out, I have been wearing it happily and comfortably.

For the amount of paracord in here, it still maintains a sleek profile and looks a bit more classy than other paracord bracelets. The nice “Bomber & Company” logo is a nice addition to it.


As far as the keychain goes, it boasts 60 inches of 550lb paracord on it that would be very easy to remove and use in an emergency. This keychain also gives you the resources to start a fire. While this keychain is larger than I usually use, I have attached all my camper keys to it so that I always have it with me when I am most likely to need it – in the woods. The clip is very strong and I don’t worry that it will ever come undone from something.

All in all, I am extremely impressed by the products I’ve been able to test out from Bomber & Company. These three products are all found on amazon – find them HERE. The dopp kit, especially, is a great deal for such a durable and tough little bag. I expect to be using it for years and years to come!

I give all three of these items a solid 5/5 stars. Please check back here, as I hope to purchase their Bomber Duffel  and make it my go-to travel bag for the summer!




I have used a variety of different yoga mats for my practice, but haven’t owned a really nice one yet. This is because I’ve spent most of the five years traveling abroad and have just bought cheap yoga mats when I arrive in a new country. Well, now I’m back in the US, and decided it was time to pick out a nice one that I will be happy using for years and years. Browsing Amazon, I came across YogiMall and their Twisted Jute yoga mat. I was very intrigued!

After using it for a few yoga sessions, I’m extremely happy with my purchase. I like my yoga mats to be nice and grippy, with a minimal (and firm) amount of cushioning. And that’s exactly what I got.

This yoga mat is 5mm thick, so it’s not just a spongy cushion that some cheap yoga mats end up seeming like. It’s also 3.5 lbs, so you know that it’s nicely padded if it’s that heavy and still that thin.

It’s a double layer mat, with natural jute fibers woven into it. They are woven in completely seamlessly, so you don’t even feel them or notice them while you are doing yoga (unless you look at the mat, of course).

The mat is beautiful. It’s has a pleasant, natural-looking pattern given to it by the woven jute. It’s a purple mat, but doesn’t appear super feminine or girly because of the brown jute in it.

The mat also includes a carrying strap that attaches with Velcro. It’s so well made and the stitching is high quality. In my opinion, this mat is better than some others from some of the popular yoga brands.

This mat is said to work well with bikram and hot yoga, since the surface of the mat will not become slippery with sweat dripping on it. I am currently using this in my apartment during the winter, so it’s cooler, and it still functions as I would hope it to – super grippy and supportive for my knees, feet, palms, etc!

Also, the underside of the mat has a different feeling grippy texture that some people may prefer to switch between. I just wanted to point out that this mat could easily be a reversible two sided mat.


Note: I received this at a discount in exchange for my honest review. This is my unbiased opinion and it would remain the same had I paid full price for this yoga mat.

I can absolutely give this yoga mat 5 stars out of 5. It’s an extremely high quality yoga mat for all types of yoga.


You may purchase this mat on Amazon HERE.


From their website HERE.

Expect to pay around $35.